Your Odds: Winning vs Being Entertained

Gambling is a strange thing. It’s like taking a dare. The odds of your winning a gambling bet and becoming a suburban hero is often the thing that gets you to do the deed, to spin the wheel and put your money down. Everyone wants to win, particularly if the stakes are money. And everyone secretly relishes being seen by your peers as brave and successful!

The Downsides of Professional Gambling

But for all intents and purposes, gambling should be seen as an entertainment. Says who? Says the people who have been bitten luck-1041798_960_720by the idea of becoming a professional gambler. And don’t get us wrong: there are millions of men and women out there who are, in fact, professional gamblers. They make their living from gambling. Trouble is, it’s not a reliable job and in many cases, it is not designed for you to be able to benefit from it on a long term basis. So when you bum out and start losing rather than winning, who pays your rent?

The Real Odds of Winning Big

But on a more serious level, what really are the odds of you winning in the traditional gambling games, such as the lottery, poker, and other jackpots? According to several statisticians, the average chance you have of winning your national lottery is 1 in over 8-million. And if you’re playing the maximum amount of lines in an online poker game, you have 1 in 7-million chance of hitting that jackpot. You’ve got to really really be lucky.

Wish Upon a Lucky Star

And while regular gamblers may have a whole range of superstitions they put into play, contrary to popular belief, winning on the slot machines has absolutely nothing to do with how long you’ve been playing on a particular machine; how much money you put into it; the last time a particular machine paid out; the time of day you play; what you’re wearing when you play or anything of the kind. It’s all about pure luck.

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