Card Counting and Blackjack

At, you will see that one of the best ways to trick the mystique of Blackjack is by counting cards, a system for winning at Blackjack that was originally developed and perfected by mathematician Ed Thorp.

Not As Diimages-23fficult As Popular Culture Tells Us

Now, if you watched movies such as Rain Man, which starred Dustin Hoffman and was about a man suffering from autism who had a great talent for maths and for counting cards, you would come away with an understanding that the latter is really difficult and only geniuses can do it successfully. This is not quite accurate.

Become a Card Counter, Pronto!

You, too, can learn how to count cards in Blackjack. All you need is patience and focus. Think of it. A pack includes 52 cards. You need to remember that card counting is not about memorizing the cards. It’s about recognizing the ratio of high valued cards to low valued cards. So it is not counting how many high cards or low cards you’ve seen, it’s about recognizing the concentration of high or low cards that becomes apparent.

The More Packs, The Merrier

Even if the casino is using more than one full pack, you can suss out the concentration of cards. Once you can successfully do this, you can roughly estimate the strength or weakness of your own position and figure out the size of bets you should be making, and you will find yourself able to decide whether you can bet more, with less overall risk.

Card Counting in Secret

Be warned, however, card counting is considered a form of cheating in most Blackjack circles so not only do you need to master the technique, but you need to be able to accomplish it in a way which averts detection while understanding that there are methods of surveillance that the casinos habitually use, particularly in regards to this activity.

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