About Us

Think of the whirr of the wheel – electronic or otherwise – and the adrenaline rush you experience as it starts to slow down. Will the ball land on the number you have put your money on? Will it? Won’t it? You watch it with all the energy you have, wishing it will land on that number. You’re completely focused. And what happens? It does! It really does! And it makes you feel as though you could conquer the whole world.

The principle of the tradition of gambling is a very old one. Very few of us really have the power over the way in which inanimate objects will land. But very many of us really get a kick out of challenging ourselves to weigh up the odds of something happening and to stake money on it. While it’s debatable whether the idea of being a professional gambler is a sound one for a life habit, gambling, whether you do it in a conventional casino, or online in the comfort of your own home, is still one of the most well-developed forms of entertainment in the world.

On this site, we offer you insights into what makes the gambling industry tick and the idiosyncrasies and delights of some of the best-known games you can play. We also focus on how gambling’s reputation has been shifted and changed by everything from sensational case studies to film-making and the media. So, roll that dice and bet on the number which you think will finally appear!